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Petland Fairfield has put “pet” back into pet stores. In addition to carrying over 7,000 different products Petland Fairfield has over 100 types of pets available. From cute adorable kittens to menacing territorial cichlids and everything in between. Ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, parakeets, cockatiels, mice, rats, dumbo rats, bearded dragons, geckos, ball python snakes, California king snakes, turtles, 63 tanks of fresh water fish and of course the best selections of the cutest and healthiest puppies. We advocate interaction with all the pets and welcome children to pet, play or just watch the pets and become familiar with them. We have petters, stools, and playrooms so you can get to know them and the pets can get to know you as well.

Whether you just want to come in and play or purchase visit Petland with your family and small children for a fun adventure. Think of Petland as a free petting zoo.

Petland pets come from breeders who care for the health and well being of the pets as much as you and I. We only work with breeders that take extraordinary care of all of the pets. Our pet counselors are trained in animal husbandry and we strive to meet the four basic needs of every living pet, nutrition, environmental needs, behavior needs and maintenance needs. We have printouts of these for birds, pups, kittens, and small animals so even if you don’t get your pet from Petland we can share with you how to best take care of the new family member. We are locally owned. My family was raised right here in southwest Ohio and this area continues to be my home.

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