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Our Fish

At Petland of Fairfield, we have a variety of fish for your home. An aquarium can be an exotic water world full of seldom seen natural treasures. Artistically painted fish, mystifying invertebrates and delicate plant life bring a special part of nature’s world into your home.

We carry a variety of fish and many decorations and plants. Our inventory fluctuates daily, so come by and see what we have available. If we don’t have what you want, we will find it for you. We have the supplies you need to set up and maintain a new tank and knowledgeable fish counselors to guide you every step of the way.

We carry a variety of freshwater fish:

  • GloFish
  • Albino Corys
  • Many types of Paltys
  • Many types of Guppys
  • Many types of Mollys
  • Many types of Barbs
  • Many types of Tetras
  • Many types of Cichlids
  • And more

We carry 50+ varieties of fish and multiple varieties of plants and Corals.

Outdoor garden ponds have quickly become a popular and desired landscape element. They provide a peaceful respite from busy lives. Koi and other pond inhabitants enhance the experience by adding color, grace, and beauty to the environment.

Nishikigoi, or “koi”, originated in Japan, and were bred in the 1800s as food. Since then, many new colors and varieties have emerged and today there are more than 100 beautiful varieties available.

A betta’s scientific name is “Betta Splendens.” The name “betta” originates from a legendary warrior tribe known as the “Bettah.” Other common nicknames are “Siamese Fighting Fish” and “Rumble Fish.” Interest started more than 150 years ago when the Siamese kept these fish for ornamentation. The most common type of betta (the Libby variety) has long flowing fins and come in a wide variety of colors.

Wild bettas are found in ponds, ditches, rice paddy fields and slow-moving streams in Cambodia and Thailand.

The male betta is a solitary fish that quietly eats insects and prepares a bubble nest in case a roving female comes along.

Check out our amazing coral and see how you can turn your aquarium into a beautiful work of living art. Also, take a look at our saltwater fish page. Petland would love to help you get started in creating the aquarium of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

We carry a variety of fish such as freshwater, saltwater, koi/pond, betta and coral.

There is a persistent myth that saltwater aquariums are challenging to maintain. The truth is that setting up a simple saltwater aquarium is really no harder than setting up a freshwater aquarium.

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